Love the Geek within you (dr_ingram) wrote in clarkgable,
Love the Geek within you

Just two questions

Number 1: I was wondering if anyone out there had a link to some good photo and icons of Mr Gable, and if anyone had a still from It Happened One Night in the Walls of Jerrico moment when he's lying in bed smoking the cigarette.

and Number 2 (which is a bit more of an observation, all be it not an orginal one): It was said about Mogambo that the only actor who could fill Clark Gable's shoes, was Clark Gable. And I think that's still very much the case. Which did get me thinking. If there was another version of Gone With The Wind who could play Rhett Butler? Because I've been racking my brains over this and I can't think of an actor today who could play that part because it just fits Clark Gable so well. Even in the book, and I know it wasn't written for Gable especially as Margret Mitchell started writing the book before Gable became famous, but it fits Clark Gable, the descrpition of Rhett, that animal magnatism and danger and that sense of humour with the twinkle in his eye is all Clark Gable.
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